Meine zweite Tätowierung war

September 26, 2015

Meine zweite Tätowierung war eine gemeinsame Anstrengung nur ein paar Jahren gemacht … ja ich wartete, die lange auf einen neuen zu bekommen. Es sollte eine Verbindung zwischen mir und der Person, die sie liebte mich, sagte zu erstellen. Jeder von uns wählte eine Lyrik von der jeweils anderen Lieblingssänger (Hers – Stevie Nicks; mine..of natürlich Kate Bush). Ich liebte die ganze Prozess der Einführung dieses Tattoo. Ich recherchierte ausführlich Online für genau die richtige Shop … ich wollte, dass alles perfekt sein, da immer diese tat war sehr, sehr Besonderes für mich. Ich fand eine etwas außerhalb Hartford Ct, etwas mehr als eine Stunde Fahrt. Der Grund warum ich wählte dieses war, weil sie einen großen Ganesh Statue in ihrem Wartebereich hatte. Ein gutes Zeichen, dachte ich. Ich weiß immer noch lieben dieses Tattoo, obwohl ich nicht verrückt nach dem Mond / Sterne-Teil. Vielleicht werde ich haben, dass irgendwann entfernt auch … der Bluterguss ist nicht Teil des kann mein Kätzchen dafür danken!

 Schädel Tätowierung auf der linken Schulter


Aber in einer Weise

September 26, 2015

Aber in einer Weise, es ist wirklich meine erste. Verwirrt? Ja, ich neige dazu, dass die Menschen manchmal tun … der Grund, warum ich glaube, es ist meine erste ist, weil dies das erste Tätowierung, die vollständig nur meine Entscheidung war.

Ich habe meine erste im Jahr 1998. Es ist eines keltischen Elemental Cross. Wie ich in einem anderen Blog, sagte, es war ein religiöser Dolphin tattoo, den ich sehr viel in zu der Zeit. Und zu dieser Zeit freundete ich jemanden, den ich arbeitete mit, die Stark tätowiert wurde. Sie sah wirklich wie eine weibliche Version von Marilyn Manson. Ich wollte schon immer ein Tattoo, aber ich wischte sie immer beiseite, weil ich Angst hatte ich eine falsche Entscheidung auf der tat zu machen. Was passiert, wenn ich meinen Namen dann Freundin ausgewählt? Oder einige dumme Slogan an der Zeit. Ich glaube, ich könnte Sängerin Kate Bush Namen tätowiert auf mich, wie ich bin immer noch ein Fan gehabt haben … aber das irgendwie komisch gewesen wäre. Meine Manson Look-a-like Freund hat mich überzeugt, ich sollte etwas mit meinen religiösen Überzeugungen auf ihm erhalten. Zu dieser Zeit war ich so verdammt sicher, ob ich ein Heide den Rest meines Lebens sein, so dass wir gingen, wo sie stand ihre Tätowierungen. Der Kerl hat einen tollen Job, es ist ein schöner tat, aber immer noch, ich fühle mich wie ich war Art in einer solchen Entscheidung von meinem Freund stürzte, und wenn gedrückt kam zu schieben, und ich habe es zu entfernen und setzen etwas Hindu in denken, seinen Platz.

Li-ion Battery for APPLE M8416G/A

 Li-ion Battery for APPLE M8416G/A

This is a Brand New Replacement Battery for Apple iBook G3 & G4.

Part Numbers: A1062, M8416J/A, M9338G-A, M9338J/B,

Fits Models:
– 2002 Apple iBook 14-inch G3 Series M8862LL/A M8860LL/A,
– 2003 Apple iBook 14-inch G4 Series M9388J/A, M9165J/A , M9388CH/A , M9165CH/A , M9388LL/A , M9165LL/A.

Product Specifications:

Rating: 14.8 V
Capacity: 4400 mAh
Manufacturer: Apple
Condition: Brand New
Warranty 6 months
In Stock: Yes

Li-ion Battery for APPLE M8416G/A 

Today I have found out which our printers to cost.
So approximately at least.
On case of each I know the leasing installment and the probable running time.
Thus I come approximately on a price of 4500€.
In addition however still service fees of 3600€ come over the entire leasing running time. But refill in addition, regularly the toners and repair if necessary.
To stupid which I could not find a fixed price for Canon the IR5570 (that is only our central battle ship, which has branches smaller) and I therefore prices to really compare cannot. Who knows a fixed price, please announce. Have nearly the feeling that we are pulled thereby over the table. Naja, tomorrow I catch up offer of the competition.
The thing prints also only in black-and-white, scannt for it however over 75 sides per minute (20 with the small models). Already impressing, no comparison to my Heimscannerchen.

So, we einscannt thus a scanner that the entire day’s mail in few minutes and the results to a PC send. We put Sowas our people and which is the thanks?
“Becomes if scanned, then I can surfen only completely slowly.” …. the problems have man!

In addition I found now so the most boring task, which one can perform with us: Letterheads change. Every time a branch opens, then the new branch must be taken up in all letterheads with. Is called thus over 20 Word DOT files open, umfrickeln, store. And the same mirror-image moose again for each further branch, only more of it.
Gibts with Word not sowas like Frames, so that I must to change and the other collecting mains from the branch collecting main avail themselves only one collecting main? Wordexperten forward! 🙂

Unfortunately my Schäflein does not have to become ill the behaviour and kreischen around support. And day where one nix to reach could plug except holes.

The Schäflein has itself good thanked you… equivalent two people from its server-lateral Word nevertheless geschmissen (without own being to blame for naturally – and I wars also not) and would have partly up to 6 hours of scheduled work lost… not Frischling, the allpowerful IT-God would have been. And which makes God if sowas happened?
This religion has still quite again and became public by the attempts of Christian-fundamentalist Americans to banish and replace by modern creation teachings the evolution theory from instruction.
Ok one, most trailers are probably Agnostiker, but IT is not discriminating.

Otherwise I created it this evening to persuade one of our tie-basic managing directors – the baron – to a round Eye Toy. ^_^
The play makes hehehe with the zugucken still more fun if the player tie and collar carries and otherwise very gesittet and conservatively comes along,…
Mrs. Nasigoreng could see the pleasure to also do itself the baron hampeln and the merry customer will tomorrow probably spread.

Contrary to non-department managers by department managers it is required that they know about their department. Sounds much-calibrates somewhat far fetched, is however like that.
E.G. like which work one performs and which costs it. Speak: Planning and finances.
In order to become more concrete: Which must be done everything from us around a branch to open and which costs (IT-moderately).
Clearly, do we know (or at least Üzgül), but on paper seized sowas still none. My glorious task, naturally. And which costs it, naturally.
Ok one, no problem normally. Üzgül snatch, it finished at the work procedures out crimpings, time estimate to give leave, a PERT diagram and…. if Üzgül had not taken itself from one day to the next vacation.

Ok one, the chap is revised (presumed) and has privately straight stress (aussnahmsweise no woman stories) and it me would have asked, I would have also given him the vacation. It does not have however, it probably directly to whom over me went and has itself that fetched there. Hmm.
Actually I would have to feel stepped on the tie, nevertheless he me ignored myself. But it somehow did to me eh wrong like it the last weeks struggled itself and so much has ichs not necessarily my district to mark out. Become however joke-detention-proves address as soon as with it again everything in the plumb bob is.
Was however already amusingly in on Mondays Meeting, when I had to experience there from others, what with my own coworkers is the matter. But it is eh a special case between all departments.

Otherwise I could shock our guidance with the fact, who am strictly illegal our license constellation (however who fastens already the ms license jungle nowadays?). The word “illegaly” in minutes naturally reduced too “not optimally” or so. Bang-hard as I am not have I forgotten to suggest my predecessors at all debt am (with the map I must go around economically, who white how often still stings).

Otherwise I wanted to have this morning for conclusion to make (after 10 hours) however naturally straight of evening a few Trolle to call and support require. Hmpf. Among other things someone wanted a text in scanning and also text rausbekommen (ocr calls itself).
Our fat printer can do that naturally, all tests and advertising messages confirms that.
But how?

No Tool thereby, no reference to the homepage,… after ner hour look for no data in the guidance unnerved given up. Become probably ne commercial software take and “test”. Otherwise my customer me still the ears howls fully because it the work otherwise to further-delegate would have… feels there who with his coworkers. But to the far Frischling far away at the telephone naturally none thinks.

So, to me today times the laptop to to work with home took.
Times look with which for films and plays that again one returns.
Unfortunate that the display like that blöd is: Super dissolution however brightness changes with different point of view from already 20° very clearly.
And for reasons of the investigation of multimedia presentation possibilities I provided our Beamer with a Playstation 2.
Thus finally life comes into the Bude if Eye Toy our girls to dances brings.

Achja, on weekend ists more relaxed if no disaster happens.

Came today by the way too late to the work. Fallen, everywhere froze for current mast on the tracks and courses were late. More strongly than otherwise, I mean. But makes nix, could go finally times again in the station bookstall in the Manga corner schmökern.

Beautiful weekend!

Homo Graphicus

May 4, 2007

I have a new friend in the house. He is a designer and places everything ago which looks somehow beautiful. In addition also space decoration and the whole Gedöhns belong beside Postern, diagrams and drafts for the homepage. In addition it does not take us determines girls away, if you understand which I mean. I call it Detlev, if you do not understand yet which I mean.
It had the problem, which many people as it have: It became too closely – no more place on the plate. Commercial artist stop.
The programs used by it honored naturally with less helpful error messages, but one knows. Thus it rächt itself, if one 120 GB place on drive assembly D: , but absolutely everything has on the 10GB-Laufwerk C: to store wants.

On the same level today nearly all Problemchen off I played itself waits only for the bang… however even if not, then it must continue so slowly.
Server farm extend, new software install (inclusive stuff a sow does not know) and project engineering: For the moment we expand quite rapidly, but none had ever the expansion explicitly planned… somehow folded everything by arrangements and co-operation. Consequently everything would have to go inclined through introduction of a planning, but I do my best. 🙂

Times look which Detlev tomorrow for me has. It is one of the obvious and/or open gays (“Haaaaaaiiiii, Frischling”) and a nice chap. Hopefully bleibts with a Platonic friendship. : D

HP: Who saw the last Alexander that large filming? Where does Alexander the Persian Harem conquered and the only chap rauspickt itself there?

Leasing on rates

May 4, 2007

I rose not yet completely by our license jungle, but at least by our contracts.
Ok one, also not completely voluntarily, but if our leasing partner already gets the second reminder, because we do not sign a calculation, because we do not find delivery note and commodity, because existence and documentation make themselves very frequently volatile, then get one a high-speed training.
So with our leasing basic agreement, where I today humiliate in person (jo, have the company visited) our reasons submitted, including the due calculation. The latter tuned means interlocutors into benevolent mood and it explained to me which it with leasing at all on itself has:
Erstmal resembles that a purchase on rates naturally, whereby we decide at the end of the currency of the contract, whether we pay the respective equipment kept and return the residual value, or and possibly somewhat purchases preferably new (leases).
The leasing company takes naturally the difference between original cost sum of all rates, while we profit from a smaller capital freeze. Treasures times unterm line ists also for us more favorably if we us decide to out-lease old hardware instead of vollzuentsorgen.
And thus the leasing installments remain beautifully small obligating we, in the year a minimum sum too verbal-learn themselves (e.g. 50.000€). If we do not create that, then we slip purely into worse conditions.

Now I ask myself however, why I may even save not much more buying but am, if you did not reach our limit still for a long time. I could use 21 ” – LCD. And nen better laptop. New cabinets and tables. Reasonable keyboards and mice.

Hachja, I does not believe my bosses understands the contract. 🙂

Meeting Marathon

May 4, 2007

Purely, get coat placing, coffee, purely in the first Meeting.
Blablabla, very interesting, occasionally raus, because I have at the same time still another another Meeting (date wrongly registered).
Fortunately I Padawan – our trainees – into the topic instructed and could it there alone leave.
Sounds much common, but I have it actually already weeks before on the topic, which prepares discussed product and our requirements, so that he could put in a word in the sales talk (we are customer) well. Alternatively it would have the typical ungrateful trainee job to settle… and we it eh nix pay there can it at least interesting tasks get. Sees so out as if I it also the subsequent project assigning can.

No matter, back to the first Meeting and afterwards blabla with the lunch further. Afterwards I could finally briefly separate, few minutes a someone supports, in order to tumble afterwards in Meeting number 3.
This time we weight – and/or should we actually. We say times simply, the services for which we to pay left to wish in parts. There Üzgül and I knew finally times the whole Gemoser that we get to always hear, pass on to others, which do naturally completely surprised and us then reassuring zureden.
Amusing way calms down Mr. equal Schlips also – normally it is the active Motzer. Whether its personal dislike probably plays a role there there against their direct Konkurent…. tjaaaaa, 1:0 for the Telekom Hasser, say I times. 🙂

At Telekom occurs to me: I VoIP at home added yourself. And although the mechanism quite simply which, plays me the technology continuously capers. A few colleagues calls I problem-free, some wars the call, can however neither hear nor speak, and if I call my own fixed mains connection, then I can speak nix in the VoIP.
Honestly said, is me nen mystery, but I schiebs on rout (only no SMC buys you!).

The nice man of the Hotline by the way also. Trouble gave itself correctly and automatically (!) called he saw there my a choice attempts failed.
Whether forestalling came by the fact that I let see through that my company wants to make VoIP? Who knows…. hehehehe